Since you’re here, you might wanna know more random stuff.
I live and work in Berlin. I’ve been in this strange and beautiful profession since 2005.
I can’t do small talk, but I’m a nice human at the end of the day.

I’m really into brand tonalities, digital concepts, video scripts and ALL THINGS COPY.
I’ve been employed at Jung von Matt/Spree, DDB Berlin and Scholz & Friends before I ran off to go freelance.
I mostly write in german, but I’d like you to be able to read this, even if you’re not from Buxtehude, Britz or Schwabing.
Please don’t call me if you’re a flaming racist or constantly yell at people.
Otherwise, here's my number: 0177 . 49 717 82


Atari. Aktion Mensch. alverde. Berliner Morgenpost. Bosch. Boston Consulting Group. Berliner Sparkasse. Disney. Deutsche Post. Deutsche Bank. DHL. dm. ERGO. Gore-Tex. HeyCar. IKEA. Krombacher. Marvel. Monopol Magazin. Meissener Porzellan. Milchschnitte. MINI. Marvel. smart. Tchibo. Ulla Popken. Volkswagen. WeShare. Weleda. And some more.

+49 (0) 177 4971782

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